What is your mission in life?

Many years ago I remember asking my father if there was ever a point in his life where he discovered his mission in life. I wanted to know his purpose for what he was here on planet earth to do at a time that I was searching for my own. I’ve often been told I [...]

What does prayer mean to you?

What first comes to mind when you hear the word "prayer"? Perhaps you think of a church setting with a preacher speaking to God. Perhaps you think of thanking God before eating a meal. To me, prayer is simply keeping an open line of communication between ourselves and God. Communication is only 7% verbal, yet [...]

Redemption story: Life Gets Better from Here

He was staggering the campgrounds scratching his scalp, aimless and with a most worried countenance. His name was was David and within the first few minutes (sometimes seconds) of meeting someone he would explain that his wife was murdered and his son committed suicide in the last week. However as I would later learn, those [...]

Launching Freedom Raines Ministries

Dear Humans and Friends, I believe in a world transformed by the love of God and freedom in Jesus Christ.  On March 29, 2017 I traveled on a 52 hour bus ride to Oregon to join a prayer network on a statewide prayer tour. We held over 36 meetings, covered nearly 3000 miles and I [...]